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My Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Rebuild Diary 2011.

I purchased my Great Lakes restoration project on 12th June 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona USA. This is my restoration project diary for 2008I will update it almost daily to show the project status.
The engine is in, and I am off to a hanger!!!!!!

Cowl and baffle work this month. Replaced the leathercloth surround around the two cockipts with real leather.
Lots of adhoc jobs this month, firewall, started on new baffles. Fitted the engine mount, and a GPS mount in the cockpit. Alsong with lots of work on the wiring.
I had planned to move my Great Lakes to the hanger the first weekend in March. David and James came over to help load up. I had planned to take the wing racks with me but David suggested we just put the wings straight on. So by the end of the day my Great lakes was at the hanger with wings on. The propellar (I had to have the propellar overhauled - replacing the hub) was fitted a week later along with the tail surfaces..
Great Lakes went outside for the first time today. Did some fuel testing. Had planned to start engine but had a fuel leak!
Today with the help of James after fueling started the engine. Just ran for a while. Adjusted idle. Still having problems with the gascolator!.
My Great Lakes is complete and has been inspected. All I am waiting for now is the test permit.
After almost four years work G-GLII to to the sky for the first time on Friday 29th May with Bob Cole my test pilot at the controls. After a 20mins he landed and congradulated me on the rigging of the aircraft, declaring it spot on. So after a quick check round filled with fuel and we were up again.
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