gapilot vans RV7 quick build kit

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AutoCAD and water jet cutting services.
A2W specialise in providing AutoCAD services to plane builders.

We will enter drawings or requirements into AutoCAD and then have these parts cut via water jetting, ensuring accurate parts are produced.
This will accelerate any plans build project  or repairs.
Current and previous projects include Great Lakes, Vans RV8, Bristol Scout and Menestrel to name but a few.

Additional fabrication and welding services can be provided upon request.
To discuss your requirements further please contact us on: Tel 07780 685 802.

Bristol Scout
This is an example of a water jet cutting sheet. The sheet is planned to your design in AutoCAD.
Bristol Scout, fuselarge attachment points.
Using AutoCAD, this enables complex repeatable parts to be cut with 100% accuracy.

If you had to manually create these parts individually. It would be time consuming, wastefull (as you could not achieve the component density - as well as repeat accuracy.
Warner 165 Engine Front Plate
Four axis milling from AutoCAD is also available along with flat sheet cutting. This impossible to source new Warner 165 front plate, once in AutoCAD can be remanufactured any number of times.
Vans RV8 Instrument Panel
Water jet cut instrument panel.

Instruments can be fitted closer and the panel will not risk bending from traditional punch cutting of the instrument holes. Higher degree of acuraccy for instrument screws and alignment with less mistakes!!
Menestrel Aileron pullies.
The metal work on these Menestrel pullies was all designed in AutoCAD and then water jet cut out. Just think how long it would take to hand cut these.
Warner 165 Engine Mount - Great Lakes
All the components for this Warner 165 engine mount were designed in AutoCAD and water jet cut.
Great Lakes bi-plane
Bristol Scout attachments, Warner engine parts, Menestrel pullies, Instrument panels - all adds up to a complete aircraft. I have AutoCAD more than 50% of this Great Lakes bi-plane.
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