gapilot vans RV7 quick build kit

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Aircraft Weight and Balance.
Hampshire Aircraft weight and balance of LAA type light aircraft.

I cover the Hampsire area to weigh you completed LAA aircraft. Maximum main wheel weight is 700kg.
Aircraft must be complete and empty of fuel.

Vans RV7
Weight and balance before painting. Test flight. Painted later and another weight and balance.
Great Lakes.
This aircraft has been built from plans taking 9 years 8 months and has just made its first flight (may'10).
Electronic scales
All three wheel weights are displayed and overall weight.

Aircraft is weighed empty - no fuel. Oil in engine needs to be checked and noted on W&B sheet. Other items such as fire extinguisher, first aid kit, radio (removable) all need to be noted on W&B sheet detailing if they have been included or not.
Wheel pads .
To perform the weight and Balance your aircraft will be rolled onto the pads and put in level flight position. This will be detailed in your handbook or build manual. Some aircraft have a level position or some aircraft such as a Nord has a height for the rudder from the ground. It is critical to get the level flight correct as it will effect your C.G position.

Your manual will also detail the datum to calculate your pilot, pax and baggage position. While weighing the pilots real weight can be checked on the fourth pad!!
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