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The Second Generation Great Lakes 1973 - 1984.
In 1973 Doug Champion restarted production, of the Great Lakes (2T-1A-1 & 2T-1A-2) these are the second generation Great Lakes. They had a strengthened fuselarge and had 140 (2T-1A-1) or 180hp Lycoming engine. The 2T-1A-2 (180hp) had inverted fuel and oil systems and four ailerons. Production ceased in 1980. The type certificate was sold serveral times and the aircraft built in different locations. By 1985 production was in New Hapshire and the last factory Great Lakes was assembled - sn/1011. The Great Lakes company had plans to construct a new production facility however plans were abandoned part way through construction and resulted in legal action. In 2000 John Duncan purchased the type certificate and still owns it.
These aircraft are factory aircraft and should not be mixed up with plans built aircraft constructed from plans sold by Harvey Swack.

Would you like to add your Great Lakes to the list? If so send me a picture (your aircraft and you) along with reg, s/n and some history. I See examples below. Email tim [ at ] gapilot .co .uk (remove spaces etc).
1974 2T-1A-2 N5603L s/n 0704
Owner:Steve Ericson. Since:

(Picture by: S.Ericson )
1974 2T-1A-2 VH-LKE s/n 0705
Owner: Torquay, Australia. Since:
Possibly out of the air (2008), video on YouTube .
1976 2T-1A-2 N6075L s/n 0716
Owner: Chandler Air Services inc, Phoenix, Arizona. Since:
Currently out of air.
1976 2T-1A N6220L s/n 0732
Owner: Great Lakes Associates, KSNA (John Wayne Airport, Santa Ana California). Since: NEW!
The aircraft has been in this partnership since the day it was built. Close to 30 members have come and gone through the years but the partnership is intact as it was created. Currently there are 5 of us and only two fly it regularly (me and one other). The partnership president is a former Northwest Airline Captain with over 30,000 hours. All current members are retired airline pilots except myself. (M.Lee)
(Picture by M.Lee)
1976 2T-1A-2 N6247L s/n 0733
Owner: Chandler Air Services inc, Phoenix, Arizona. Since:
1976 2T-1A-2 N76GL s/n 0736
Owner: Richard Dury, Pacific Northwest. Since:

This aircraft is For Sale.

(Picture by: Richard Dury )
1977 2T-1A-2 N400BC s/n 0754
Owner: Brent Owen, Baltimore. Undergoing recover.
Approx 700 hrs from new
1977 2T-1A-2 N3808F s/n 0776
Owner: Chandler Air Services inc, Phoenix, Arizona. Since:
1977 2T-1A-2 N3810F s/n 0778
Owner: Chandler Air Services inc, Phoenix, Arizona. Since:
1978 2T-1A-2 N3554L s/n 0801
Owner:Bob Dobry, Aerial Promotions Inc, Long Beach CA. Since:

(Picture by: Bob Dobry )
Owner: Tim Richardson, Hampshire, England. Since: May 2007
Currently undergoing full restoration, see this website for rebuild diary.
Picture by Bill Stockl
1978 2T-1A-2 N3617L s/n 0815
Owner: Aviator Flight Training, Fullerton California.

(Picture by: Bob Dobry ).
Picture by Bill Stockl
1978 2T-1A-2 CC-ABA (formerly N4012L) s/n 0826
Owner: Ira Curtis, Santiago Chile. Since: 200?
Ira purchased N4012L from Rex Evelsizer of Oberlin Ohio and I flew her down to NC where he took her apart and containerized her for sea freight to Valparaiso Chile. She has been kept standard with no MODS and mandatory AD's - re-registered as CC-ABA (Aba is the name his daughters call him). Is ABA the first and only GL in South America?

(Picture by: Ira Curtis).
Picture by Bill Stockl
1985 2T-1A-2 N87G s/n 1010
Owner: Bill Stockl, Pitman New Jersey. Since: 2004
One of the last two factory Great Lakes. Assembled in New Hampshire 1985 along with s/n1011. A number of modifications and improvements were made one being ceconite covering. Approx 700hrs total time (@2007). An N number was reserved for s/n1012 but 1012 was never assembled.

(Picture by: Bill Stockl).
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