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The Second Generation Great Lakes 1929 - 1936.
Production of Great Lakes started 1929, these are the first 2T-1A (first generation) Great Lakes. They had a variety of engines - Cirrus, Warner, Menascos and Ranger. The company went out of business and production ceased in 1936 during the great depression. These aircraft are factory aircraft and should not be mixed up with plans built aircraft constructed from plans sold by Harvey Swack (approx 1960 on).

Would you like to add your Great Lakes to the list? If so send me a picture (your aircraft and you) along with reg, s/n and some history. I See examples below. Email tim [ at ] gapilot .co .uk (remove spaces etc)
1930 2T-1A G-BIIZ (formerly N603K) s/n 57
Owner: Since:
Engine: Scarab 165
Currently out of air.
1932 2T-1A G-BUPV (formerly N865K) s/n 126
Owner: Robert Fray. Since: approx 1990
Engine: Kinner 5
Picture taken 1998 after nine year restoration. Robert hand swinging during the test flight period after restoration.. Currently only flying Great Lakes in UK.
1931 2T-1A N11336 s/n 249
Owner: Steve Ericson. Since: ###
Engine: Warner SS165
Steve also has a Series II N5603L.

(Picture by: S.Ericson )
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