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The Dream has landed - Great Lakes arrives, 01-August-2007.
Andy and I flew to phoenix to buy and pack up a Great lakes. It was a big job and we had to change our plans quickly due to the shipping container not arriving, so I was eager to see what was inside when it arrived in the UK. The container left Phoenix on 27th June and arrived at my house in Hampshire on 1st August. David (who is plan building a Great Lakes) came over to present me with my 'Great Lakes Badge' - he had some badges made up and only gives them to Great lakes owners. Due to all the problems with the shipping even though I owned a Great Lakes I told him to wait until it was at my house! He came straight over to help unload and present the badge.

The Container Arrives
Due at four o'clock I got a phone call at three and he is already at my house.
The anticipation, what will the contents be like. How is the aircraft after the journey.
Open at last. The fuelarge has moved slightly, the engine crate had moved - due to it being left on its wheels!! The aircraft is okay.
At last I can relax, the aircraft is out of the container and the lorry has left. Took just an hour to unload from the container.
Dave came over and helped unload the container.
Dave was keen to see the Great Lakes. He is building one from plans - well he has been for the past five years.
The Spinner
What is it with aircraft spinners? Everybody always wants to put them on their head. Jo arrived to see what the Great Lakes looks like.
Time to start.......
It's all in the workshop, time to call the PFA, my inspector and get it registered.
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