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Crating Great Lakes 13L.
Andy and I flew to Phoenix to pack 13L into a 20ft container. The container never arrived so we built a number of crates to hold as much of the aircraft as possible. Here are some pictures of us building the crates. By the way, it was 114f while we were there!!

First stage of building a crate.
Parts cut to size and blocks to hold it together..
Sides & Corners.
Sides of crate are on and blocks being fitted to corners..
Parts inside.
Parts fitted inside. All the parts were cable tied together. Holes were cut in box base and more cable ties used to hold parts in place..
Blocks added.
More parts added to fill as much space as possible - all secured with cable ties. Blocks have also been added on this larger box to ensure the sides do not push in and crush contents..
Rope handles were added to help moving the large heavy boxes.
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