gapilot vans RV7 quick build kit
Crating Great Lakes 13L.
Andy and I flew to phoenix to buy and pack up a Great lakes. It was a big job and we had to change our plans quickly due to the shipping container not arriving.

Packing the Great Lakes
Mark the previous owner showed where some of the parts went before we packed up the aircraft.
As we packed up the parts we labelled as much as possible.
What is it with propellar spinners, everybody insists on putting them on their head. Must admit he does look funny!
Andy had the job of securing the wings for the journey.
The wings are complete but I will be dismantling to replace the spars.
Mark has already purchased some replacement spars. We re-crated them ready for the journey.
Furry helper
One of Marks dogs, she was always keen to help!
Recovering materials
We also had the re-covering materials to move. They are not classed as hazardous materials in small quantities - this amount is under the limit - however the shipping caused problems and had to be shipped separately to the aircraft!.
Aileron's packed in a crate we have made.
Crating the engine was not easy.
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